Rack Flow System

Rack Flow System
The innovative multi-tier air distribution solution

Prevent microclimates and increase yields

At FabricAir we know that maintaining precise temperature and humidity control at your set points and the prevention of microclimates within the canopy are keys to a successful grow operation with maximum yields. Through years of experience in the grow industry across the United States and Canada, FabricAir has perfected overhead and multi-tiered air distribution in grow facilities. With almost 50 years of innovating the air distribution industry, FabricAir provides custom engineered solutions that will never condensate, are easy to install and clean, and most importantly provide even air distribution at precise velocities throughout your grow space.


Rack Flow System is a complete solution that includes fabric ducts, ECM fan, mounting brackets and all other necessary equipment.

  • Eliminates microclimates 
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Compatible with all light grids and racks
  • Washable, antimicrobial fabric
  • Integrated CO2 delivery streamlines gas exchange
  • Uses variable speed EC motor fans
  • Simple integration to automation systems
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quiet operation
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    Hygiene Matters

    Hygiene Matters
    Cleaning of the system is extremely easy

    FabricAir Rack Flow System is designed to help facilitate the most hygienic grow environment possible. Manufactured with antimicrobial fabric, the ducts are easy to remove and wash. The Energy Star rated EC motor fans are a snap to clean, and no plenum boxes means there are no places for mold and mildew to hide. The entire system is lightweight and straightforward.  Installing and sanitizing are simple tasks that can be done four to six times faster compared to conventional solutions.

    Happy plants and growers

    Because of universal compatibility, Rack Flow System will deliver air through any lighting grid to the canopy

    Quality air distribution

    FabricAir understands that in the complex grow space environment, air movement, while critical, is simply not enough.  If air is simply blown through the grow space with fans, it will pick up excess heat and humidity. Rack Flow however disperses dry conditioned air throughout the grow space eliminating microclimates and enabling vital gas exchange. The system’s consistent air distribution penetrates even the thickest plant canopies, promoting optimum transpiration, which enables plants to absorb more water and nutrients. The results are happy plants with more robust yields.   

    Energy efficient

    Reducing energy consumption is the primary reason why many growers are switching to LED lights and the multi-tier model. This is also why FabricAir created its Rack Flow system to be the most energy efficient approach available for multi-tier racking. By deploying Energy Star rated EC motor fans and fabric ducts with linear dispersion, the Rack Flow System provides uniform air distribution to the entire plant canopy while maintaining peak efficiency at any speed. Efficiency is also increased by eliminating plenum boxes that restrict airflow. 

    Universally compatible

    The versatile system can be mounted on any manufacturer’s racking and is designed to penetrate any lighting grid to ensure the air reaches the canopy at velocity. It also easily integrates into grow space control systems through 0-10V or PWM controls to maximize efficiency and deliver air as needed throughout the grow cycle. Rack Flow is simply the most efficient system, providing more air volume to the plant canopy per each watt consumed.