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Education facilities, office environments and other sedentary types of environments are a common application for FabricAir ducts. In these applications ceiling heights are typically low, and it is therefore critical to pay close attention to the elimination of drafts. FabricAir will help lead you in the right direction and suggest the best solution depending on any unique requirements that your project has.

Every aspect was good in the Lila Cockrell Theater Project

In the Lila Cokrell Theater I didn't think that there was anything that was negative in this project.


“There were two places that we applied the FabricAir products. One area was actually in the stage for the auditorium, so we had a couple of issues there... One we were very sensitive to noise; the other was that we had a lot of heat we were trying to dissipate, but we could not have any appreciable air velocity in this place. So on that particular instance the concerns were getting the amount over in there without there being any noise that would interfere with the performance and any air curve that move the curtains, which in an auditorium is kind of a big deal, and in that particular instance that went swimmingly... There were no issues with the performers on the stage. We very happy with that.”


“The second place that we had to apply the product was with the house itself, the seating area. So we had several things we were trying to get to with that. It was kind of the landmark facility for San Antonio and the original air distribution was more artificial - more kind of an afterthought. When you walked into the space you very obviously saw shiny metal grills, and that wasn't the look that we're trying to get. So we worked with the architects Mormon Mark to come up with some concept where we could actually cool the space, but have the air distribution basically blend in... So if you sit inside the space you don't see air conditioning.”


“So we had some similar performance issues in that space. We had to make sure it was quiet, which we're able to do. We had to put a boat load of air in that space, which we were able to do... And we were able to do it in the manner that if you're actually in the facility you don't realize the fabric air product is part of the air conditioning system. It's unobtrusive, blends in... It's really a nice look. “

Wes Stidham
Shah Smith & Associates, Inc / Austin, Texas

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