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Why use FabricAir ducting for Pools, Natatoriums, and Sports Arenas?
Sports arenas are typically densely packed with people during events. This requires high ventilation rates and creates a significant risk of condensation on the ducts. FabricAir dispersion systems deliver the right amount of air while maintaining comfort and eliminating condensation.

Our engineers will help you design an efficient and cost-effective system that suits your specific needs.

For SkyZone they where great to work with

“FabricAir was great to work with, coming in on time and on budget. They even sent a technician to Fargo to help our HVAC contractor, who had never worked with a fabric duct system before. When we made a last minute change to our plan that effected the duct layout, FabricAir redesigned the duct and immediately shipped an oval duct to replace part of our original round duct. I will definitely call FabricAir on our next project!”

Bruce Karevold, SkyZone, Fargo, ND, USA
  • Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities
    Air Dispersion in Sports Facilities
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    Ice Rinks
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    Sports Centers & Multi Arenas
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Most popular products

The products listed below are only a suggestion; FabricAir has many fabric types and flow models. Please contact us for the best solution to your application and needs.

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