We make the architect’s creative vision possible

“At Z-Space Design we focus on developing the utmost in all gastronomic experiences through efficiency and thought-provoking design. We recommend FabricAir dispersion solutions because of the efficiency and because it offers unique design opportunities. There are no hot spots and cold spots, there is no condensation dripping like with metal ducts and it comes in a swoon of colors. 

The contractor is usually skeptical but then realizes if anything it’s definitely cheaper than spiral ducts and much easier to install.”

PJ Zakas, Z-Space Design, USA

FabricAir solutions are architecture and engineering in seamless integration; function and aesthetics combine to create the perfect indoor environment with a stylish look that matches the building architecture. 

Flexibility includes size, shape and color schemes and the result is a draft-free, condensation-free and noiseless air dispersion solution designed to strengthen your architectural vision. 

Include us in the initial concept development phase or add us during refurbishments.