Color Selection Disclaimer

Color blunders may ruin an otherwise perfect project, thus we recommend to read through this disclaimer text carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings. We want you to be happy with the color(s) of your FabricAir dispersion system.

As computer screens and printers have varying color settings, selecting colors based on online or locally printed color cards or u-color swatches is inadvisable.

Our color scale is based on Pantone, which is only approximately translatable into other color matching systems, e.g. RAL, HEX, CMYK, RGB, etc., as Pantone is a more nuanced color scale. This is why we only provide equivalent RAL-codes for standard colors, and even here the nuances may vary due to the nature of the RAL taxonomy.

We recommend always using our fabric specific color cards or surface print U-color swatches when selecting your duct color.

Once you confirm your color, we are not responsible for color matching anything except the color swatch of your choice directly from FabricAir color cards or u-color swatches.

Please keep in mind that even the color card sample or u-color swatch can have minimal color variations from the finished product as is the nature of dyed fabrics or surface printed materials.