We make engineering IAQ easy

We make engineering IAQ easy

Specifying a FabricAir solution is adding engineered value with superior technical performance, creating the optimal indoor air quality.

It is easy for you as a consulting engineer to partner with FabricAir. We design the systems for you and prepare drawings and specifications, so you don’t have to.

FabricAir’s air engineering technology is the preferred choice across the globe due to its technical flexibility, economic benefits and environmental advantages. The versatility of fabric-based dispersion solutions outdoes conventional metal solutions when it comes to exposed ducting.


1. Unsurpassed technical performance

At FabricAir we are experts in the latest air engineering technology. We help you design the ideal air dispersion irrespective of the complexity of your application.

Each order is custom engineered and we provide 3D drawings and airflow calculations with no added costs.

2. Long lasting

45 years of proven track record says it all. If properly maintained a FabricAir dispersion system will last for years and years. Some of the original 1970s installations are still in use today. We offer standard warranties of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.

If an accident occurs and a duct piece is damaged, replacing it is easy due to the tags sewn into each duct piece. It contains information that allows us to trace the original order and produce an exact replica of the damaged piece.

3. Free of condensation, noise and drafts

Fabric-based air dispersion technology offers significant advantages in terms of comfort and hygiene. Using permeable fabrics prevents condensation. Without moisture, bacteria and mold will not grow, making the technology a hygienic alternative to conventional metal ducts.

When it comes to occupant comfort, FabricAir’s smart air solutions also offer significant advantages in terms of draft-free and virtually silent air dispersion. The technology enables a high air change at low velocity, thus creating the ideal indoor environment regardless of the application’s complexity.

4. Suitable in food processing and cleanrooms, Class 3

In industrial applications, like aerospace, micro-electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare and food processing, it is vital to minimize environmental pollutants, such as dust, microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.

Hence, Cleanroom certification is a key selection criterion when designing the air dispersion solution. FabricAir offer a range of fabrics with Cleanroom certification as low as Class 3, anti-microbial coating and other hygienic advantages.

5. Less expensive than conventional metal ducting

The savings potential in switching to FabricAir dispersion technology is significant. On installation alone, the smart air solutions offer 50-70% time savings. And there are more savings to be gained through lean delivery, efficient use of materials, space savings and Economical shipping solutions.

6. Good option for value engineering – save up to 70%

FabricAir produces an alternative to conventional metal ducting that enables savings of up to 70%. Creating unrivaled ventilation ducting based on fabric-based dispersion technology is the secret to why FabricAir offers the best source for value engineering on the ventilation market.


Fabric ducting in food processing facility will last for years and years - a case study

Danish Crown, food processing
Blans, Denmark

These FabricAir ducts were originally hung in 1977 and continue to ensure efficient cooling and a comfortable indoor climate at the slaughterhouse facility in Blans, Denmark.

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Ventilation Solution With Low Energy Consumption for Vestergaard Company A/S, Denmark

Vestergaard Company A/S,
Gevninge, Denmark

Ventilation Solution With Low Energy Consumption

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Danfoss preferred fabric over metal ducting due to lower weight, quicker installation and energy savings.

Danfoss production facility.
Als, Denmark

Double chamber air distribution duct for large volumes. Danfoss preferred fabric over metal ducting due to lower weight, quicker installation and energy savings.

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Tailor-made solution for heating and cooling purposes at IKEA, Australia

Springvale, Australia

Ikea achieved energy-savings and excellent comfort in both heating and cooling seasons.

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Comfort, aesthetics, and hygiene were vital factors in the refurbishment of a high-end event venue

Palacio de Larrinaga,
Zaragoza, Spain

Comfort, aesthetics, and hygiene were vital factors in the refurbishment of a high-end event venue.

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Space and noise concerns made a FabricAir dispersion system the optimal solution for the Danish Broadcasting facility.

DR-Byen, Danish Broadcasting Company, Copenhagen, Denmark

Underfloor Fabric Duct Replaces Metal ducting With Superior Results.

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FabricAir dispersion solutions are the no. 1 choice for medical production facilities.

Novamed GMBH,
Antalya free zone, Turkey

"Easy washing and cleaning is an excellent feature for companies that have to produce in a sterile environment like ours."

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Two separate airflows keeps the ice cold and the spectators comfortable

SE Arena,
Vojens, Denmark

Two separate airflows keeps the ice cold and the spectators comfortable.

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A hygienic environment plays a big role in accreditation of production by classification companies, as well as buyers


“During all project stages, FabricAir staff have worked very efficiently, provided professional advice."

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