FabricAir Brands

FabricAir Ducts

FabricAir Ducts offer the ideal solution for cooling, heating, ventilation and refrigeration applications. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit the customer's exact needs.

Beyond the considerable cost savings and superior product quality, FabricAir ducting offer improved indoor air quality and continues comfort for the user.

FabricAir® VarioDuct™

The innovative two-in-one duct, the FabricAir® VarioDuct™, enables two sets of flow models, static pressures and air volumes in the same duct. An internal membrane separates the upper and lower sections enabling the engineer to optimize for two different scenarios in the same duct, for example heating and cooling.

FabricAir® DefrostDuct™
—Significantly reduces the evaporator’s defrosting time.
The FabricAir® DefrostDuct™ reduces the evaporator’s defrosting time by 10 to 50%, thus increasing its efficiency.
When the evaporator reaches its defrost cycle, the FabricAir® DefrostDuct™ collapses, effectively sealing the outlet. By preventing the heat escaping from the air cooler, the efficiency of the defrost cycle is significantly increased.
Clever use of materials prevents water droplets caused by the defrosting cycle from freezing on the fabric surface. 
FabricAir® Ceiling Diffusers

FabricAir® Ceiling Diffusers offer a well-balanced air distribution without causing drafts in occupied zones. They create reliable, healthy indoor air quality even in rooms with low ceilings.