We make it easy to be on time and on budget

We make it easy to be on time and on budget

Ease of installation is a hallmark of the technology, and it is a good source of value engineering.

FabricAir solutions can reduce total installed cost by 30-70% compared to conventional metal solutions. We provide compact, lean delivery on time, which also keeps costs down.

Our solutions are easy and intuitive to install, and if needed, help is only a phone call away.


1. Easy to install

Installing a fabric-based smart air solution is 4 to 5 times quicker than installing an equivalent metal duct. In fact, the savings potential is substantial: up to 80% of installation time and labor costs.

FabricAir dispersion systems are made to measure, which eliminates the need for onsite attenuation and the solutions do not require balancing.

Fabric ducts typically weight less than less than 3 kg per linear meter [less than 2 pounds per linear feet] making them easy to handle.

Insulation is not relevant due to the technological features of fabric ducting, which eliminates condensation. Painting is irrelevant as the ducts are tailored in the right color fabrics.

We call this air dispersion all-inclusive.


2. Up to 70% savings on total installed costs

Changing from conventional metal solutions to FabricAir dispersion technology can generate savings of up to 70% on total installed costs. The savings potential varies by project with a typical minimum of 1/3 of the costs of a conventional solution.

A FabricAir dispersion system is self-balanced during design stage, thus there is no need for on-site balancing. Consequently, many engineering hours are saved compared to conventional systems.

Selecting the right suspension for the project is key to realizing larger savings. FabricAir offers a wide variety of suspension systems guaranteed to meet the challenges of any installation condition you may encounter.

As a rule of thumb, everywhere you would use exposed metal ducting, you can achieve savings and design advantages by switching to FabricAir’s smart air solutions.


3. Shortest lead time in the industry

A FabricAir dispersion solution arrives on site in typically 2–3 weeks from the time the order is released. 99.4% of our orders arrive on time or earlier, with a global average of just 13 days. That is the shortest delivery time on the market. The secret behind our success is optimized design and production processes that ensure lean production and delivery.


4. Requires no special tools

A screwdriver, a drill and a handsaw are all the tools needed to successfully install a FabricAir dispersion system. Our technology is all inclusive, which means there are no grilles or diffusors to struggle with and no on-site attenuation of ducts.

The suspension is installed using only common tools, and once the rail or cable is fixed, it is as easy as sliding a shower curtain to add the ducts. The duct is secured to the metal spigot using a fixing strap and duct pieces are simply zipped together.


5. Intuitive to work with

Make it better and make it easier is our mantra. This is why FabricAir dispersion technology means less hassle; we strive to make our systems intuitive to work with.

The dispersion system arrives in compact boxes, each clearly labelled. Box no. 1 contains a document bag that includes all relevant documentation, e.g. installation guide, laundry and maintenance manuals and a copy of the spec drawings. In addition, it contains a full overview of all items pertaining to the order, added as a checklist to make it convenient upon arrival.


6. Optional supervisory service

FabricAir offers an installation supervision service. Highly skilled engineering consultants are only a phone call away, providing technical advice in all phases. This makes it easy to make the perfect handover and close out to the project owner.



Metalco, Zaragoza, Spain

Malmo Messecenter, Malmo, Sweden

Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey

El Monte City School District, USA

Chelsea Piers Athletics, Stamford, Connecticut, USA